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Landscape Maintenance

We are desert friendly and focus on drought tolerate, substainable landscaping. We provide comprehensive landscape maintenance services in Tucson to meet your seasonal needs and keep it looking its best throughout the year.


Arizona Drought Tolerant & Eco-Friendly Landscapes

Low-Water Plants

Low-water and drought-resistant plants never go out of trend in the Southwest. The climate and soil conditions of the region make it difficult to grow plants that require significant shade and continuous moist soil. This spring, opt to add low-water plants to your landscape. Great additions include flame honeysuckle, barberry, and pink fairy dusters which look great around a pool. Contact Us for more ideas on low-water plants. 


The term xeriscaping refers to a type of landscaping technique that conserves water and that is ideal for a Southwest climate. It goes beyond just drought-resistant plants and includes other water-saving techniques like mulching, efficient irrigation, and limited turf areas.

Water-Wise Plant Zones

Southwest spring landscaping trends are not limited to cacti and rock gardens. Incorporating water-wise plant zones into your spring landscape will make it easier to enjoy bright blooms year-round. The trick is to group plants that need more water in their own “zone.” By keeping them together, it is easier to conserve water while still providing the plants with what they need to thrive.

Bee and Butterfly Beacons

Certain flowering plants attract helpful bees and gorgeous butterflies to your landscape. These blooming beacons include the bright Mexican hat plant (prairie coneflower) that attracts both bees and butterflies, Parry’s penstemon with pink or purple blooms (a bee favorite), and blackfoot daisies that are loved by butterflies.

Living Wall

Creating a living wall, also known as a vertical garden, will give your patio a unique look with the added benefits of shade and privacy. This organic structure is versatile and can be designed with any height and width in mind. It can also accommodate a variety of plants, including tall, strong cacti and other low-water plants. If constructed properly, it can even feature a combination of shade or sun-loving perennials. Some living walls also showcase edibles like vegetables and herbs. The living wall is multi-faceted; so let your imagination run wild.

Decomposed Granite

A decomposed granite walkway or path adds an interesting look to any overall landscape design. It is ideal for the Southwest since granite is available in desert colors and has a very natural look. Decomposed granite has a finer texture than gravel and offers better stability. Use it to form a winding path or even as mulch in the garden bed.

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