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The OATH LIFE SYSTEM™ soil amendment supports the vitality of both elder and juvenile trees by optimizing soil conditions through soil biology, soil structure, and soil chemistry.

This video shows Steve Coyne applying The Oath Life System™at the Tucson Botanical Gardens to condition the soil to support plant immune function.   Steve is an Arborist with EnviroCare Tree Solutions, LLC.

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Michelle Felix is the owner and operator of EnviroCare Tree Solutions, LLC. She has 20 + years of experience in sales and account management. She found her passion in the landscape industry, which cultivated her lifelong fascination of trees.

EnviroCare Tree Solutions, LLC is the culmination of her passion and fascination allowing her to enrich trees and our environment from the ground up.

Steve Coyne has partnered with EnviroCare Tree Solutions, LLC as the operations manager. He is a fourth generation arbor care provider with 30 + years of experience in Southern Arizona. 

EnviroCare Tree Solutions, LLC is focused on improving tree health by using natural and organic nutrition.

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