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Tree Trimming & Pruning
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Tree Trimming and Pruning services throughout the Tucson, Arizona and Southern Arizona areas.  


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EnviroCare Tree Solutions  -  Steve Coyne is an Arborist and can diagnose and recommend the best approach to managing your trees' specific needs.  

Although tree trimming and  removal can be dangerous, our competent staff maintains safe work practice and maximize efficiency throughout the process. We pride ourselves on leaving a clean work-site. 

The canopy is responsible for the growth of the tree by converting sunlight into energy, photosynthesis. Proper Tree Pruning by a qualified professional is vital to the health of the tree.

Corrective pruning removes dead and broken branches which waste vital nutritional resources. Removal of branches which are growing incorrectly or creating imbalance is also necessary.

Reducing the density of the canopy allows light to reach the interior branches for photosynthesis. It also allows the wind to filter through the tree during storms reducing breakage and liability. A good
rule of thumb is to only remove 15-25% of the canopy in most cases.

Best time for maintenance pruning of native trees is in the fall when the tree is dormant and not stressed from the summer heat.

Monsoon pruning is when a tree has not had recent maintenance pruning and the canopy is dense and overgrown. We recommend pruning the tree prior to the monsoon season which will help prevent
catastrophic storm damage.

Tree Health Care Solutions


Proper fertilizer and nutrition provide a healthy environment for a tree to thrive. Each variety of tree has specific needs for which we can provide a solution.

New trees and plants require correct installation to minimize transplant shock and the proper care to help them get established. An efficient watering schedule is crucial to this process.

Root Issues generally occur in one of two ways. The roots will infiltrate water/sewer lines or cause structural damage to buildings and sidewalks. Preventative solutions can be applied when planting new trees. Established trees require a root management solution which takes the trees health into consideration.

Cabling or bracing may be necessary to correct growth patterns and maintain canopy balance. In cases of limb failure this corrective action could prevent the need to remove an entire limb.

Tree Trimming
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