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Sick & Stressed Pine Trees
EnviroCare Tree Solutions Arborist Tucson

The OATH LIFE SYSTEM™ enriches the tree and the soil. Providing targeted nutrition helps boost the trees natural ability to defend itself from pest and improve the overall health in order to combat environmental stress factors. While pines appear sturdy, they are not immune to health problems. Their native soil is nutrient rich and well-draining, unfortunately our desert valley soil is lacking in the nutrients they require.

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Growing Pine Trees offers year-long shade and visual interest with a height ranging from 60 to 100 feet and a width of 25 to 30 feet. Pine trees growing season is winter, which is when they need the majority of their watering. Summer watering is important in the non-native desert valley due to extreme heat which results in additional stress. 

Needle discoloration can indicate that your pine trees need more water or that they’re suffering from an environmental impact.

Needle Drop is a normal process for Pine trees. they shed their oldest needles in late summer and early fall. Typically, the needles on the tips of the branches are the youngest, meaning they remain green while the inner needles turn brown and fall. However, if you notice excessive needle drop -- particularly along the ends of the branches, where needles should be young and healthy -- something is wrong.

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